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Sunday, August 30, 2009

getting back on track with Pagan Prompts...

Prompt: Deities and Pantheons
Taken from multiple suggestions and my own list, this week we want to know about the god(s) and/or goddess(es) with which you work.
Do you have a single patron god and/or goddess? Or do you stick with a certain pantheon of deities?
How did you come to connect with these deities? Did they choose you or did you choose them?
If you are comfortable with it, please share a story about connecting with these deities, what it is that draws you to them, or even how they have helped you in this life.

My journey started with Gaia in a somewhat nebulous state. Just the idea of a sentient energy source that binds us together. Through my Wiccan time the archetypes of Goddess and God and their ritual dance through the year made sense, but still was somewhat formless to me.

Since then I have come to realize that there are all manner of deities, spirits, ancestors, elements, spirit guides that are available for us to interact with.
My practice has settled into a much more concrete practice. While I still think of Goddess as nature, as the universe, I have found entities closer to home to converse with in a more day to day practice.

I have found that there is a difference between calling on a goddess and trying to establish a relationship and having a goddess knock on my door. Big difference.

I have let myself re-establish the wonderful and natural relationship with the elements and spirit guides that I had as a child. The four spirit guides that I talked to as 'saints' in my childhood are still with me, stronger than ever.

My everyday practice is right now dominated by Bast, who burst on the scene not too long ago (and without invitation I might add). The elements are part of daily practice, my four spirit guides and the Trickster are also always available.
If you would like to read more on my thoughts on the Elements, scroll down the right hand column to Labels and you will find 8 previous blog posts on this topic.
There is also more information about spirit guides and about Bast at stumbling upon the path of the goddess

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  1. Bast seems to be coming onto the scene a lot lately for many people. Me included. Makes me wonder why.

    I find myself drawn very much to the Celtic and Greek pantheons.

    My goddesses are Brigid and Airmed.
    My only god thus far is Thoth.

    And they all came to me. I wasn't looking for them. I didn't even really know what aligning was. :)

    The elements are also a HUGE part of my practice.


  2. Just popping about your blog to catch up on your PBP posts. ~Sunfire



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