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Friday, August 7, 2009

connecting to the Earth

Paganism is Earth Centered.

Easy to find inspiration if you live in a rural setting, more difficult if you are a city dweller.
But there are organized, community ways to get involve in appreciating the Earth and sharing this appreciation with others and not just other pagans. I just heard about this one on NPR today.

This is a great project, unfortunately I found it kind of late this year. You can still run out and do this, get your kids, friends, neighbors to do this, if you have any sunflowers in your area. Wild sunflowers grow along the roads here so there is still plenty of time in areas like this.

For next year, plant a few sunflowers in your yard or in a big pot early in the spring and sign up to be a bee counter.

No matter how urban, how densely packed, how concrete the jungle where you live, you can still do this and connect with other bee counters all over the world.

The Great Sunflower Project


  1. What a great idea! I had an abundance of bees on my huge Hyssop this year - so much fun to see their fuzzy bodies working all over the blooms!

  2. Thanks for posting even tho like you say it is a bit too late for this year.... but I am certainly going to try for it next year. I had already been making plans to make a support system for sunflowers and this project will work very well with it.
    Speaking of bees, I get a lot of them around my comfrey beds...

  3. We feed our birds sunflower seeds exclusively so we always have a lot of "volunteer" sunflowers. This would be fun for the kids, too.



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