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Monday, August 10, 2009

Happy Birthday, Carl

Today is the birthday of Carl Llewellyn Weschcke.
Without him your metaphysical bookshelf would be very bare.
Take a minute and say a thank you.

Llewellyn Publishing was originally started in 1901 by Welsh Astrologer Llewellyn George who published astrological handbooks. The first Llewellyn Moon Signs book was popular with the public (and not just astrologers) and Llewellyn Publications began expanding and publishing more and more on occult subjects.

Llewellyn George died in 1954 and Carl L. Weschcke bought the business in 1961. Since then it has continued to grow, expanding into many realms of alternative healing, religion and philosophy. Carl Weschcke is an elder and former high priest of the American Celtic Tradition of Witchcraft. He has been a long time supporter of the pagan movement, pagan festivals and pagan publishing. His son holds a masters degree in publishing, works for the company and hopefully Llewellyn Worldwide (as it is now known) will continue to publish alternative information for many many years.

Thank you Carl and Happy Birthday.


  1. Yes and to paraphrase that old country-western song: "Llewellyn Publishing was pagan when pagan wasn't cool" Where would the pagan community be today without Llewellyn Publishing? We all owe Carl a great debt. Happy Birthday!

  2. Yes -Happy Birthday and congratulations on building a great publishing company!

  3. I've got a little suprise for you in my blog tomorrow...hee, hee! HINT: it's an award!

  4. Interesting history I wasn't aware of! Thanks for the information.



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