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Friday, May 29, 2009

Waxing Moon

This weekend we enter the second quarter of the waxing moon. The time of power and building and creating and using the positive energy around us.

For those of you who do not use magick (or perhaps do not believe in magick) I strongly urge you to visit Ariel's class on magick and witchcraft for beginners.....A Witch's Primer. (Also found on iTunes.)

For those of you who know better...done any magick lately? Too busy, frazzles, tired, grumpy? All the more reason to dust off your Book of Shadows and conjure up some energy.
Just do it.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Moon

Observing the phases of the moon, calling on deities associated with phases of the moon, honoring the goddess during the full and dark moons are not new practices or limited to neo pagans.

The moon has been associated with deity or with the cycles of life for as far back as we find evidence of humans.
Some cultures actually worshiped the moon itself. More modern pagans associate the moon with goddess and use the phases of the moon to honor her and perform rituals.

The moon is the ultimate symbol of the ebb and flow of life. She waxes and wanes and affects this planet that we live on. We feel the response of the planet and respond in kind. We can't help it, it is physical, it is our connection to the universe.

On another level the moon is the symbol of the constant changes in our lives, of death and rebirth, of the ups and downs of daily living, of the cycles of the seasons. Few people are left unmoved by a brilliant full moon, the size and color of a harvest moon or the haunting shadow of a new moon. Our response is primal and we should enjoy it. Our responses to natural phenomenon, understood or not, is why there is a growing re-awakening of spirit, sometimes called by the name of Pagan.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Pagan Spirit Gathering...June 14-21

Pagan Spirit Gathering, a celebration of summer solstice that welcomes all Pagans of all paths, will be at a new location in Missouri for the 09 Festival.
It is not too late to register and participate in one of the oldest and longest running pagan festivals.
Check here for more info: Pagan Spirit Gathering

image found here

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Full Moon

Hare Moon, Planting Moon, Seed Moon.

Now is the time to plant the seeds that you empowered last month.
As they grow they will share their energy with you.

May is an especially good time to connect with the spirits in your life. It is also a good time to do some divination to help with major life decisions.

May Full Moon is Saturday, May 9 at 12:01am EST

Friday, May 1, 2009

a Beltane explanation....

I did not write much about Beltane...ok, I did not write anything about Beltane. Lack of time, disinclination, take your pick. Although I know that many Pagans look forward to this day from one May to the next, to be honest Beltane is just not my favorite Sabbat, although I would love to take part in a huge, semi-drunken fire dance just once.
But not to slight the day itself, I found a fellow blogger who did a wonderful job of explaining the history of Beltane and I hereby refer you to her blog:


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