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Sunday, August 23, 2009

warning: one of those political rants...

I have had my knickers in a twist over the health care reform "debate." The fear mongering is way over the top, the sense of entitlement is astounding, but the worst, the very worst is the people showing up at town hall meeting with guns.

This over the top behavior and the daily news media analysis there of is out of control. My reaction to it was a huge amount of negativity of my own.

I have and I will continue to write and call my representatives to voice my opinion about what they should do. I am open and honest about my views on this issue.
But I am over the so called debate.

The American people will get what they want and deserve and I include myself in 'they.' If they really want real health care reform they will make it happen and if they want to step aside for a loud mouth with a gun who wants to intimidate them into shutting the hell up....then they will get more loud mouths with guns making decisions.

We all make our own world.


  1. I am so sick of the big blown out of proportion of this issue too. For one thing, has anyone really seen a complete copy of this bill yet. As far as I know it is still in the being written stage, there is no itchings in stone. And the insane and radical reacitons that are being made media sensations of just fans the flames even more.

  2. Fear mongering in everything gets on my nerves. Grrrrr..

    And the media plays it up as much as they can and makes the whole situation worse.


  3. Agreed with the post and the comments. Grr.

  4. Well said. I hadn't seen that shot before, I've been trying not to but I'm glad you brought it up.



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