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Friday, August 7, 2009

Pagan Tapestry is not Magicka School

It is not any school at all, it is also not the initiatory path of a Tradition.
It is my own musings, thoughts, practices, ramblings...offered up to my deities as part of my spiritual practice.

I do very much appreciate comments and questions, although I most often have no answers for the questions. I do enjoy seeing the growing list of 'followers' although that is simple ego...we all like to think someone wants to listen to our ramblings. Mostly I enjoy just the thought that the Pagan population is growing every where, including the blog-o-sphere and spilling out onto many, many blogs.
I do even appreciate the comments of Granamyr, although my frustration and hers clearly spilled out in the comments on the Full Moon post. She is probably not the only person frustrated with my lack of response to simple questions, so I offer this explanation for this blog for anyone who is puzzled by what seems like the refusal to answer a simple request.

This blog is about my spiritual path, it is about feeling and experiencing and connecting. It is about reading and hearing from many other sources about traditions and experiences and practices. It is ALL, in one way or another, about my relationship with deity.

It has NO basis in fact, scientific explanation or a well layed out path of learning and knowledge.
It is hit and miss and substance and fluff.
It is about EXPERIENCING and experimenting.
It is about how incredibly hard it is in this techno/scientific society of ours to just sit still and BE.
Think, enjoy, experience, FEEL...without analysis or explanation or even a good reason.
If there is something on this blog that prompts you to, or why, or if...that works.....I suggest that you TRY it. EXPERIENCE it for yourself, don't ask someone else for an explanation. Or don't. Whatever suits you.
But I am not here to teach anyone else 'how' or 'why' or 'if'
Part of my practice is to encourage you to find out for yourself. Beyond that...nothing.


  1. Beautifully said, Bright Blessings

  2. Not Magicka School? Oh wow did you even need to mention another site?



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