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Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Moon and a birthday

New moon was this morning at 6:01 EDT.

I really need a new moon ritual for myself and I will try to come up with one to share with you in the next couple of days.

There is a touch of fall in the air already and I usually feel invigorated at these subtle changes at this time of year. Right now I just feel exhausted. Time to reach deep and connect with Elements for energy and grounding, use the new moon for a fresh start and look around at the changes as the Wheel turns again.

Today is also the birthday of Ann Moura, one of my most favorite witchy authors.

Author of Grimoire for the Green Witch, one of my favorites as well as Green Witchcraft: Gold Magic, Fairy Lore & Herb Craft, Green Witchcraft II: Balancing Light & Shadow, Green Witchcraft III: The Manual. Also Green Magic: The Sacred Connection to Nature and Tarot for the Green Witch. There are several others, I hesitate to try for a complete list. I have enjoyed everything that I have read by her, learned from it and treasure it.
Happy Birthday Ann.


  1. My blog for tomorrow is about a dark moon ritual bath...great minds think alike, huh?

  2. Maybe I will just use yours and send everyone your way. Sounds like an excellent idea to me.

  3. Ann Moura is just great! Happy Birthday to her, and Happy New Moon to you!

  4. I've not read any Ann Moura. She will have to go onto my list.

    And I need a new new moon ritual too. I'm building a new altar next month, and I'm trying to get all new rituals to go with it. LoL

  5. I also need a New Moon ritual. It's the one place I feel severely lacking. I'm neve quite sure what to do.

    Happy birthday to Ann! I have several of her books awaiting purchase in my amazon cart as I type this. :)




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