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Thursday, August 13, 2009


According to The Wiccan Book of Days (Gerina Dunwich)....

"On this date, the major pagan festival of Hecate is traditionally held at moonrise. Hecate, the mysterious goddess of darkness and protectress of all witches, is a personification of the Moon and the dark side of the female principle."

Hecate is not a deity that I work with personally, but I much admire her from afar.


  1. Same here...I don't work with Hecate either, but find her fascinating nevertheless.

  2. The priestess of my third degree is a servant of the Goddess Hecate. She rededicated herself to Hecate recently, during her croning. It was a privelege to witness. My friend calls herself a spritual warrior. Quite appropriately!



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