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Monday, April 20, 2009

politics again...

I am so sick of the dithering and the political football that health care has become. The US rates like 29th out of 29 'developed' countries in health care.

The only way to get reforms is the take away the socialized medical care that our ENTIRE CONGRESS gets. Then they might stop whining about how the country doesn't need to change anything about our medical system and actually do something.

As long as THEY have socialized medicine they are not going to help anyone else get affordable health care. They are free to take the money and advice from lobbyists, who can talk to them while they are getting their free medical care.

If I was ever going to seriously curse someone.....


  1. yes, i cant even begin to imagine- we have excellent health care here even though many still complain xx

  2. If only it was that easy! Many Congressional staffers are clients of mine. Believe me they are WELL aware that the health care system in the U.S. is pure crap. The ones who come see me for massage are working their asses off trying to find a path to change it. They are swimming upsteam in a powerful river that includes the AMA, insurance industry, pharmeceuticals, HMOs and other huge corporate aspects of the medical "industry."

    Their health care, though paid for, sucks.

    It's all going to have to fall apart, and indeed it IS falling apart. My fingers are crossed that some big breakthrough will occur sometime soon.

    BTW nice colors on this blog. Love the soft pink and blue.

  3. oh, I agree that my ranting is simplistic...but whose fault is THIS:
    "They are swimming upsteam in a powerful river that includes the AMA, insurance industry, pharmeceuticals, HMOs and other huge corporate aspects of the medical "industry."

    I'm glad to hear that their own medical care sucks...they sold out to these corporate entities. I'm happy to hear that the corporations are screwing them too.

  4. Well said, Celestite! And this time they need to put more money at the bottom of the pyramid, where actual care is given. We don't need more bean counters at the top.

  5. This witch agrees but doesn't. Having worked in health care for most of my professional career, the problem is not so much with that industry that has been forced to boil down to the bone...and in fact, has caused most of the customer dissatisfaction e.g. inadequate staff to help, lack of time to sit and really talk with a patient, services that are fragmented and increasingly impersonal.

    I never hear anyone talking about the true culpret, who is the insurance industry. Trust me, they are all for profit, have stock holders to whom they must answer, and are charged to be profitable or they end up being industries with millions of dollars in surplus while the average U.S. citizen fights and fights to no avail.

    But, this is only my opinion.

  6. Holly, I totally agree with you. My bitch is not with the medical professionals or even the facilities (although you have to admit that some MDs are dinosaurs). My complaint is the insurance companies that are running medical care. Making medical decisions, allowing or disallowing treatments, locking everyone into working for a corporation that can afford medical insurance for employees and then building the biggest, flashiest buildings in every city a TAX write off because their profits are so obscenely big.
    And with our chicken shit congressmen who are beholden to these insurance companies. SHAME ON THEM!
    I also have a bone to pick with the FDA and the pharmaceutical companies...but that is a totally different subject.

  7. My Sister,
    You and I are singing in the same chorus here...and if we ever start a revolution in this great country of ours, these will be the seeds of the discontent that stirs it all.

  8. How about SOMEONE posting about how much CEOs and the board of directors of insurance companies make per year? And how about a few stories about how they spend their fabled wealth? And I do believe (as a Canuck and now U.S. citizen who has been with AND withour health insurace) that ALL members of Congress, the entire Senate and upper-elected officials should pay for their OWN health care. AND their retirements too!

    Jan at Rosemary Cottage



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