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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Pagan Prompts steps in to save the day...

The latest from Pagan Prompts...

"This week, we're talking about Rituals.
Do you perform rituals? Or are they not right for you?
If you do, give us a basic outline of a ritual you've done in the past.
Share a little insight into what rituals mean to you and how you go about them."

I am going to answer this, but I don't have time tonight. I thought I would give you a chance to answer it first.

April 25
I appreciate the comments so far...hoping for more.

I feel so connected to Goddess on this path that like many of you I do small rituals on a daily basis. A thanks or a request for help from the Elements can be sparked by a foggy morning, a riotous sunrise, a beautiful pasture, a glimpse of mule deer in the brush, a perfect spring rain.
When I am driving to work and see a perfect moon, I might give thanks to the Goddess or just say hello.

But I also like to do just slightly more formal ritual. I have one listed on A Borrowed Book of Charms that is a ritual to say good morning to the Elements and the God and Goddess. I love to take five minutes, light a candle and do that ritual. I don't do it as often as I would like, but I enjoy it when I do.

And on occasion, and not necessarily on an Esbat or Sabbat, I like to do a full blown ritual with candles, cast a circle, call the Elements and Spirits and make an offering to Goddess. Not very often but I do this when I feel the need and always feel better during and after.

I don't consider doing magick the same as doing a ritual. Even though magick is ritualistic, I separate them in my mind.....rituals are just for their own sake and magick is to change something.


  1. It seems to me, that over the past several years, I do what I think of as, Rituals On The Fly. I don't much stop to create the entire environment anymore. Or stage it. Instead, I will find myself in a minute and become aware of the sacredness of a situation or what I am seeing. And, I will stop to perform a blessing, or ask one for me. More, I will acknowledge the gods and goddess who whisper to me in the moment. Then I say Blessed BE and move on.

    Some may think I'm being less-than in my walk of The Path, but I find that for me, this keeps it alive, current, and always close.

    And, for you?

  2. I have found elaborate ritual holds little power for me. The closest I get to one is lighting a candle or something. I prefer to meditate and pray.

  3. I very much like your distinguishing thoughts between magick and ritual...very good. I'll keep that one close.

  4. I am like you in that I rarely do a "full blown" ritual. I save those for the times I feel I really need it, whether it be to reconnect with Spirit, or just to connect with those around me.

    I agree with commenter Holly in that On The Fly can help to keep spirituality feeling fresh and alive.



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