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Saturday, April 11, 2009

cool award for moi

awwww, this is nice. Sent to me by my very favorite oils and potions witch, mixing up magical brews for body and bath. Visit her site at Mea Culpa's Body and Bath Creations.

Thank you very much and now I am going to award it to some new pagan blogs that have joined my every morning reading list. Welcome:

Crafty Celtic Cutie

The Spiral Dances

Crafty's Cuppa Coffee


  1. Yeah! Celestite,You Rock!

    What a sweet thing to wake up to this morning!(And I am happy to know that I am also on your morning reading list! My Google Reader is the first thing I check out once my eyes are properly open. And of course, your blogs are all on there!)

    Thank You , thank you! My very first bloggy buddy award, from my very first bloggy buddy! Not bad for only 2 months of blogging.

    Thanks again Love! You are a true Goddess.

  2. awwww.....I'll melt :-) You deserve it chicka :-)



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