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Friday, April 10, 2009

new pagan prompts...

This week's Pagan Prompt is
Are you in or out of the broom closet?

This one is fairly uncomplicated for me. When I was Roman Catholic I did not go around discussing my faith with people. If someone asked directly or if it came up in a friendly discussion I would answer with a response that I felt was appropriate. From 'Catholic' to 'lapsed Catholic' to 'none of your business.' This went through stages as did my answers as my spiritual path wandered about.

Since I started calling myself Pagan I do exactly the same thing. Friendly discussions with friends or sincerely interested persons is fine, otherwise MYOB.
I don't defend my beliefs or proselytize them and I won't put myself in a position to do either.

I admit that I do soft peddle my beliefs a bit when I think someone might faint. I might say, my beliefs are like Wicca, an earth centered religion. I might say I believe in the goddess. I rarely blurt out Pagan with no other description and I almost never call myself a witch to anyone outside the Craft.

I am annoyed when others wave their religion at me and I try not to do the same.

Chime this an issue for you, are you still undecided or have you resolved this issue in your life?


  1. I have to say when I first started on this path, all I wanted to do was share the beauty of it with shout it from the mountain tops..LOL, but like you I don't like it when someone flaunts or pushes their beliefs on I was mindful not to do the same. At work, with friends and with family I'm quite open to answer any questions. On the other hand, I live in a very small town where I have to think about the impact that it would have on my children if everyone here knew. I guess you can say I have one foot in the closet and one foot out.

    If you were to walk in my home you would know that something magickal was afoot, but other than that my beliefs are something that I hold close to my heart and will forever cherish the beautiful wonderment that I have found!

    ~Bright Blessings

  2. Thanks for posting your response!

    I agree that it can be very hard to NOT be the "Bible Thumpers" with our religion, and that we must not stoop to that same level of pushiness.

  3. Blessings.
    Honestly, I have never been in the 'broom closet'. While I don't just go around verbally broadcasting my Wiccan Faith/Path/Beliefs, I do not hide it either. I wear my pentacle outside my shirts for all to see, and when asked about it, I tell them what it means.

    In my opinion, to 'hide' your beliefs is to be 'ashamed' of them, and I am not ashamed of my way of life, or my way of faith. But, then, as I said, that is just my personal opinion.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. How ironic! I haven't checked out this Pagan Journal Prompts sight yet...probably b/c I hear about the topics from others. But i have been writing an article on this very topic this week! I was going to put it on Crafty's Cup before sending it in. Blessed Timing! I guess a lot of you have been pondering the same concept.

    In the begining, I was very young, and still growing, so I kept it to myself. I have never liked when people jump into something and shout out look at me, I'm a ____. But over the years, as it became such an important part of who i just felt natural to share. Now,
    I am about as "Out Of The Closet" as anyone could be. My craft has become so integrated with my life and who I am...that I couldn't possibly hide it!(Although I still hate prostelytizing in Pagans as much as in any other Religion!)

    I hold my spirituality very dear, and am PROUD of who I am, and my beliefs. I feel much like the previous lady who mentioned that to live in the closet is almost akin to being ashamed. (How can one profess to beleive in somthing so strongly, but not allow it to be shown on the outside?)
    I only hope that each of us on our individual Path, can one day feel happy and strong and sure of our choices; whether we live them out loud or not! More will be on Crafty's Cup about this soon. ~Danae

  5. I never went in.. Although I do understand why some perfer to stay in the broom closet, I am not one of them.. However, I don't exactly shout out "I'm a witch!" to everyone I come in contact with.. I do wear a pentacle and don't do anything to hide who or what I am, but I don't feel it necessary to annouce it to the world either..



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