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Sunday, April 19, 2009

10,000 visits!

Holy blogging, Batman!!
10,000+ visits to Pagan Tapestry.

When I started this blog I wasn't sure that anyone would ever find it, or read it or care.
I found that putting things down on paper (sort of) help to clarify my own thoughts and in some cases, challenge what I had believed.

A huge change in my practice that has come out of this blog is a better relationship with the Element of Fire. In my writing about the Elements, which are very important to me, I realized that I just skimmed over this Element that intimidated me. I resolved to change that and as a consequence I feel that my creative urges are no longer blocked as they were.

I have also realized that the Wheel of the Year, the changing of the seasons, the paths of the sun and the moon really do make up the pattern of my life, always have and always will.

Thank you to everyone who has visited and/or commented. Your input makes this worthwhile and I have found new friends along this path. I hope you will an continue to visit and speak up whenever you please.

Thanks again.


  1. Thank you Celestite for a great blog.
    Your words are honest and informative.
    We (in the pagan community) are lucky to have your contribution.

    blessings and here's to 10,000 more hits!


  2. Congrats hun :-) You are something special, ya know....taking care of how many blogs? 3 or 4? I can hardly handle one :-)

    10 000 is only a start :-)



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