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Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Our next Element is Water. Fire was on 9/29. Air was on 9/23. My personal reflections post was on 9/5.


Water is healing, soothing, emotional. We connect easily with water because we are made of water. Some (including me) feel that the Element Water is a go-between for communication with the Goddess as the Moon Goddess. Water is receptive energy.

The following are associated with Water:
  • direction: west
  • color: blue
  • tool: cup, chalice or cauldron
  • zodiac signs: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • tarot suite: cups
  • gods: Osiris, Neptune, Posiedon
  • goddesses: Isis, Aphrodite, Tiamat
  • archangel Raphael
  • time: twilight
  • place: lakes, streams, rivers, oceans, spas
  • fog, ice
  • taste
  • ferns, water lilies
  • myrrh
  • aquamarine
  • willow trees
  • dragons, mermaids, dolphins
  • undine, nymphs
  • mercury, silver, copper
  • psychic awareness
  • dreams
  • peace

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