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Monday, October 27, 2008

5 Elements

Not four, five..... Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Akasha.

The Elements, as primal forces of nature and The Elements as we tend to think of them when working
magick are unique and independent.

But actually, the Elements are one of the best examples of how we are all interconnected and dependent on each other.

The Earth needs Water, Air and Fire in order to be anything but a cold rock. Air needs water molecules, Water is teeming with life, Fire needs fuel. Each cannot, in the physical world, exist without the others.

This interdependence is also a force of nature and it has a name. The energy force that binds the Elements together, us to the Elements and them to us is called

Akasha is the primal source of unchanging energy that fuels the Elements. In perfect balance and harmony, not manifested in physical form.

Modern physicists have a modern name for
Akasha. They call it dark matter. Can't see it, feel it, touch it or even prove that it exists, but it binds the universe together. This is a relatively new scientific discovery.

Akasha, the fifth elemental force, has always been there, many of us feel it without being told. Scientists may have known this too, but prefer to think of it in scientific terms.

Some magick traditions feel that the spark of the divine within each of us, sometimes called our soul, is a bit of Akasha within us.

My invocations of the Elements include an acknowledgment of this source of the Elements. Not to be used or commanded, I acknowledge the existence of Akasha with respect.

Coming up next.....a variety of invocations, from the dramatic and ornate to the simple.

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