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Sunday, October 5, 2008

time out for a commercial.....

So this is where everybody tells me that EVERYBODY knows about Blackmore's Night.
Well, nobody told me!
I heard a song called Under A Violet Moon on the Eclectic Pagan Podcast (good show, btw) and loved it and went on a search. I found it on itunes and after listening to quite a lot of their music. I settled on these two albums; Under a Violet Moon and Shadow of the Moon. I am enjoying them a lot. In fact today I was driving around with the windows down and singing 'dance all night' along with the song. Fortunately I had it turned up loud enough to drown out my singing.
For anyone out there like me, who needs some help finding the really good stuff, please check out their website:
Blackmore's Night
This is really great music.


  1. I recently discovered another great Pagan musician,S.J. Tucker. Insanely talented!

  2. I found her on itunes. I will check out the music. Thanks!



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