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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Little More on the Elements

So I posted those lists about the Elements, how is all that information useful?

Keeping in mind that the Elements are powerful forces of nature, an overview of what you are dealing with is helpful. Just reading the lists of 'associated with' for each Element should give you a feeling about that Element, perhaps a visual or a sense of personality. For example; Fire, associated with volcanoes, the color red and passion is quite different than Air, associated with wind, the color yellow and cool intellectualism.

Studying the associations and the Gods and Goddesses who favor each Element can increase your ability to call the Elements and to avoid being disrespectful of either the Elements or the Gods. Like this...

If I particularly want assistance from Air in an intellectual project, calling on Rhiannon (Earth), using red candles (Fire) and carefully timing my ritual during the twilight hours (Water) while burning patchouli (Earth) and drawing energy thru an aquamarine (Water) is probably not going to impress anyone. So far I have totally ignored the preferences and associations of Air.

Does this mean that you have to run out a buy a bunch of stuff to make your magick work? Absolutely not, but the amount of thought and planning and vision that you put into your magick determines the results that you get.

If you want to ask Air for help, you have done some research and you have determined that
1. you do not have any of the incense, candles, metals, herbs etc that are associated with Air
2. all of the Gods and Goddesses associated with Air are strangers to you....

Then don't use them.

Rather than being disrespectful by doing the research, finding out the preferences and then ignoring them to do things your own way (once you have done the research you can't claim ignorance).....leave all the trappings off.

The items that we use in mystical magick are simply tools to assist us. Better to use no tools. The right ones can be a help, the wrong ones can be a distraction.
Ask for assistance in a heartfelt way and let it go. This is a time when less is more.

Another way that the lists of information can be useful is if you want to make a connection with a particular Element. Without any preconceived ideas about which Element suits you, read thru the lists and see which Element is associated with the most items that you relate to on a very basic/emotional level. You have to be honest with yourself about this, the Element that you 'think' is most like you might not be.

Do you routinely call the Elements during a ritual without giving them much thought? Communicate respectfully and directly with them and you might be surprised at the results. They may not speak to you in the same way as the Gods and Goddesses, but they are powerful and you will recognize the results of your efforts.

The Elements and their associations are scattered over the last month or so. I am still adding to them as I find interesting bits of info. If anyone wants me to repost them all in one blog post, just let me know and I will do that.


  1. I just have to say that I admire your dedication. There are updates pretty much every day lately and wanted to recognize your efforts to this blog and to your readers. It's absolutely wonderful!



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