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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

more podcasts!

More Podcasts!
I love the Pagan Podcasts. They were my first contact with other pagans who had something to say. My list of favorites with links is in the right hand column of this page. I listen to them all the time. I took a look at itunes tonight and found THREE new pagan podcasts, all of them started in the last few weeks. I haven't had time to listen to them yet or visit the webpages or anything. If anybody has time, give these witches a listen and let me know what you think. I will be listening as soon as I get a chance, but it might be the weekend before I get to it. I am glad to see more and more podcasts, I think it is good for the Craft. Who would have thought that there would ever be so many to choose from?
I don't have links, they are all found on itunes:
Get Witchified, first podcast on 8/30
Pagan FM, first podcast on 9/21
Witchery of One, first podcast 9/10

And this would be a good time to say Congratulations!
to the two previous 'newbies' who have now been on the air for several 'casts and are already gathering a base of listeners (including me!).
A Catnip Brew with Fortuna & Fluffy
iPod Witch with Brook

And how could I forget 'The Gods Must be Crazy"
17 year old Coty exploring his own pagan path, he got off to a wonderful start with his first 'cast. I think it was the last week in August. It was very good,
I forgot to send him an email. I need a keeper.....with a to-do list.


  1. These are wonderful podcasts. I found them a couple weeks ago and have added them to my list.

    Get Witchified is wonderful, the host brings a Dianic point of view to the list of 'casts out there, and the music rocks! It's a fun podcast.

    Pagan FM is an actual broadcast radio station on the east coast that they save as a podcast. Current events, informative topics, and the hosts are great!

    Witchery of One is a Canadian who lives in Mojo's neck of the woods and is off to a great start. He only has the opening episode at this point and I eagerly await the next one. There are a couple updates on the site though and he is tweaking the podcast for the next episode.

    These should all be added to your playlist. I'll post my whole list in case there are some you don't have.

  2. These can be found on ITunes or PodCastAlley. Or just google "+podcast +name_of_podcast". Some of them haven't had an episode out for a while, but should still be active.

    In alphabetical order:
    A Pagan Heart in Maine
    A Pagan Tapestry (duh!)
    Aquarian Tabernacle Church
    Catnip Brew
    Celtic Myth Podshow
    Country Witch * City Witch
    Deo's Shadow (discontinuing due to life changes)
    Eclecticpagan's podcast
    From the Edge of the Circle
    Geek Witch
    Get Witchified
    iPod Witch
    Irish and Celtic Music podcast
    Pagan Living
    Salem Avenue
    Spoken Lore
    The Broom Closet
    The Crooked Path
    The Dark Side of Fey
    The Forest at Night
    The Gods must be Crazy
    The Magical Earth
    The Modern Musings of a cultured Barbarian
    The Spiral Dance with Hawthorne
    The Wigglian Way
    Witch in the City
    Witchery of One

  3. Great! Thanks for the comments and the list. (I see that you saved yourself by including me.)
    There are a few on your list that I have listened to and they just aren't for me, but there are several that I haven't ever! I am off to go get them and listen.
    Like I said on the blog post...I think it is so great that there are getting to be so many that we get to pick and choose.



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