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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Three Sisters Garden

Harvest time is also the time to plan and prepare for spring planting. Making sure you have and protect the material that you will need to save through the winter to have on hand in the spring.
Many modern gardeners are planning for spring even before they harvest this fall.

Three Sisters is an ancient way of planting, well documented to have been used by many Native Americans. The three plants support each other as they grow. The roots are left intact in the ground after harvest to enrich the soil in three ways and the harvest gives you three foods that compliment each other nutritionally. As you can see this would not take a lot of room, just a corner of your garden or yard would yield quite a lot of food. Click on the image for a great article on planting the Three Sisters in your garden next year.


  1. thanks for the wonderful information :-) I'm a fairly new gardener and love the 3-Sisters way and hope to incorporate it next Spring :-)

  2. Too funny - I did this without knowing about the "Three Sisters." I planted peas and beans, and when they were done, I threw some corn, pumpkins and sunflowers in the bed. I didn't dig as many peas back into the ground as I should have though. Things to think about for next year...

  3. I've been pondering "Three Sisters" lately with planning next years garden. Of course, I have an apartment balcony container garden, so I'm not sure if it will work or not. More research needed. LoL

  4. I saved this link to my favorites. I don't have a garden yet, but I will one day. :)


  5. What a great idea. THanks for the tips. I have a brown thumb so I need all the help I can get.



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