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Sunday, September 27, 2009

announcing a new project!

I want to announce the opening of a new online magickal store.
Three old witches....and this is supposed to be a description of our wisdom and experience, NOT a physical description!
got together to open an online store. We will be offering classes, readings and some really great supplies; herbs, oils, potions etc.
The website is only partly done but we decided to go live with it anyway. The Facebook link is over on the right hand column of this blog. You can link to the photo or HERE to go directly to the site.
Even if you are not interested in the store, if you become a 'Fan' on Facebook it gives the page a little free advertising time on the site, so anybody who wants to help out, we appreciate you doing that.
We are excited about this and plan to have fun and give good service to our customers.

The Scarlet Witch


  1. Becoming a fan now! Can't wait to check everything out!

    What kinds of classes will you be offering?


  2.'ve been busy while I was gone from the bloggers community :-) I became a fan too :-)

  3. Can't wait to see what you have in store!!

  4. herbs, oils, a few spells and info on readings is up now. jewelry is in the works, probably get photos up on facebook before the site page is active.
    Classes we are still mulling over and deciding how to do this, but we all like teaching so we will get started soon.
    Everyone has been so supportive and having fun with this. thanks

  5. oh, man....I soooo needed a break, all the computer work was leaving me with no time for family....but I am back and I do plan on taking it

    Girl, are we friends on Facebook too? I know we are each others fans on the Fan Pages though :-)



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