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Friday, January 9, 2009

January Full Moon, Wolf Moon

January is the time of the Wolf Moon. The deep, dark winter. A time of life and death, the time of the hunter. Solstice is passed, the 12th Night Feast has used up all the perishable food, it is time to tighten belts, settle in for the duration of winter and hope for an early spring.

For most people today, this part of winter is not so desperate, but we should think about following the patterns of our ancestors anyway. They were quiet and frugal in the winter out of necessity. But is also created a time of rest before the hard work of the spring started. We should take this time for some quiet and rest. The cycles of nature are not just about marking the passing seasons, but responding to those seasons in different ways, both mentally and physically.

The Wolf Moon is full on Saturday, January 10 at 10:27pm EST.
Posted below is a spell to relieve winter blues.
It can also be found in A Borrowed Book of Charms.


  1. Blessed Wolf Moon, darlin'! May you have enough. May you know that you are enough.

  2. Thank you SO much for your response to my blog! I have always gravitated towards art, therapy and helping others so Holistic Life Coaching while intergrating art is just perfect for me! It's so nice to know I am not alone in this world and in finding this creativity project is a blessing and a gift to me, not only for myself but also in getting to know such beautiful spirits on this journey too!

  3. Just wondering - being in the Southern Hemisphere, is the January Moon still a Wolf Moon for us (being summer?). What are your thoughts on this?
    Some of the stuff I've been reading just associates the month, others the seasons/harvest cycle. Gets a little confusing for us Southern Hem people!

  4. It really doesn't make sense that it would be the Wolf Moon in the southern hemisphere. These names come mostly from Celtic or northern European traditions. I will do a little research and see what I find. thanks for the question.



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