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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Southern Hemisphere

Cwm Goch Chronicles said...

Just wondering - being in the Southern Hemisphere, is the January Moon still a Wolf Moon for us (being summer?). What are your thoughts on this?
Some of the stuff I've been reading just associates the month, others the seasons/harvest cycle. Gets a little confusing for us Southern Hem people!

So I did a little research and came up with this on
Celebration Southern Hemisphere Northern Hemisphere
Solstice20-23 June20-23 December
Candlemas1st August2nd February
Equinox20-23 September20-23 March
Beltaine31st October1st May
Solstice20-23rd December20-23rd June
Lammas2nd February1st August
Equinox20-23 March20-23rd September
Samhain1st May31st October

I am not going to go through the calendar and check every date....this stuff makes my head hurt, I will just assume this is right.

So based on this I would start with the winter solstice, uh...June. The month following the Winter Solstice would be the Wolf Moon, so July.
Carrying on with eyes are crossing now...
July...Wolf Moon
August...Storm Moon
Sept...Chaste Moon
Oct...Seed Moon
Nov...Hare Moon
Dec...Lover's Moon
Jan...Mead Moon
Feb...Wyrt Moon
Mar...Harvest Moon
April...Blood Moon
May...Snow Moon
June...Oak Moon
Which puts you back in the Oak Moon in the month of the Winter Solstice.

Does that make sense? Anyone else in the Southern Hemisphere? Is this how you do this?

I think that the moons must be based on the seasons, not the name of the month. The Wolf Moon was a time that the wolf, among others, was emboldened by hunger and a threat to people trying to survive the winter. This is a winter moon, the name of the month doesn't matter.

I think what screws this up is that everything is based on the seasons, except Christmas which has an arbitrary date of December 25 in both hemispheres.
It's hard to get away from the confusion this causes. I know I associate Yule with Christmas. Just sticking with celebrating the Solstice might help.


  1. Hmmmmm, confusing, I'm not sure I could have worked that one out!

  2. I was always taught that since the full moons are seasonal that they should be changed by six months in the southern Hemisphere (just like the sabbats). I don't know that the names of the moons are all that important but what they represent...

  3. That's what I thought. The Wolf Moon, for example, is about a time of deprivation. It doesn't just go with "January" when January is in mid summer.

  4. When you are deprived of cold I guess Heehee.



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