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Saturday, January 31, 2009


The first time I heard the word Imbolc was from a sheep farmer. She told me that it meant 'lambing time.' I think that the translation of the Celtic word means 'in the womb' or something close to that. I have been told that this refers to the idea that the world is pregnant with spring which will arrive soon. I think that this is a pretty modern, urban way of looking at spring and the idea of 'lambing time' might be just as legitimate a description. Lambs are born in February. They arrive in what is still winter and are the four-legged proof that spring is coming.

Imbolc is a cross quarter celebration that continues over 3 days. February 1 is a day to honor Brigid, warrior goddess. She helps to banish the darkness of winter on this day. This is a good day to ask her for fertility or creativity. February 2 is Candlemass Day, also a day for banishing winter by lighting many candles to chase away the dark. February 3 is the actually cross quarter day, the mid point between Solstice and Equinox.

Enjoy this sign of spring. Look for early crocus or other flowers and plants bold enough to grow in the snow. Light a candle and pay honor to Brigid and seek what you want from her. Decorate your altar or your house with candles and spring flowers.


  1. Imbolc blessings to you Cel :)
    I take it as Oimelc, which I have read (in Ritual by Emma Restall Orr) means "ewe's milk" which kind of makes sense I think, in that it's a wee enriched energy boost/ enourishment to wake us from our winter slumbers and let us know a time of growth is ahead.

  2. what a lovely story and views on Imbolc.
    Blessed Bright Lights.

    EB x

  3. Happy Imbolc everyone! We celebrated on Saturday just because it's easier to get everyone together on a weekend than on the actual "eve." Here's to a healthy, prosperous and love-filled year!



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