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Monday, January 5, 2009

Twelfth Night

The evening of 5th of January is the Twelfth Night.

If you celebrated Christmas, it's time to stop. It's the official end of the 12 Days of Christmas and it's time to take down the decorations. If the decorations were edible, you are supposed to eat them. Yes, really.

If your traditions precede Christianity, that party (aka Winter Festival) that started on Halloween is over...go home.

If you are The Lord of Misrule, your rule is coming to an end. And please drain the wassail bowl before you leave.

There are traditions that are better left in history. And just in case you thought the Christmas season was long over -- nope, but it will be tomorrow.

1 comment:

  1. I love Twelfth Night! One of my very good friends used to host a huge Twelfth Night Party each year. Everyone who attended had to come prepared to do something to entertain the Lord of Misrule who was chosen at random (everyone chose a token from a bag, and if you got the special one you were it...). One year, the Fates chose me to be Lord of Misrule. Boy did I milk that one! LOL It was the most fun in the whole world. Some events are just so special -- thank goodness for cameras! Thank you so much Celestite for reminding me about a wonderful memory!



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