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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Restless in the autumn...

I goofed off today and just took the opportunity to get outside on a nice fall day. I found myself walking around two different city lakes, about 10 miles apart. The Canadian Geese were restless. Taking off, landing, honking, swimming in circles. We have a large number of these geese that never migrate, but many times that number do migrate from here or just pass thru here. I would be willing to bet that sometime this week we will be down to the permanent residents, the others are much too restless to hang around for much longer.
I watched a small group of geese land in the water near a fishing blue heron. The heron has got to be one of the most expressionless birds of all time. Stoney stare, it's hard to tell a living bird from a good fake. But I would swear he was looking disgusted at the circling, honking geese. He had been standing there motionless for who knows how long and they were practically rioting all around him. I found myself sighing for him.

Just as the seasons are changing for them, they are also changing for us. Samhein marks the end and the beginning of the year. It is a time for reflection on the past year, accomplishments, abandoned goals, good times and bad.
I think our calendar has an advantage over the Christian calendar, which celebrates the beginning of the new year immediately following the huge celebration at Christmas. We have the advantage of celebrating our new year and marking the end of another in a relatively quiet time of the year with time for thought and planning.
Samhein is on October 31.

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