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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mabon is next week.

Mabon has always had great significance for me, even before I knew it was called Mabon. Although it is considered a minor Sabbat, the autumn equinox marks great changes that we can clearly see for ourselves. The solstices mark the radical changes and the shortest and longest days of the year but the changes at that time are nearly imperceptible, gathering momentum as the season unfolds. The equinox, on the other hand, mark changes that we can see and feel immediately. I have always felt that the autumn equinox was sort of the last deep breath before the plunge into winter. We go from a balance of dark and light to a rapidly darkening season.

Mabon also takes place during the harvest and as such, is a time for celebration.
Have you considered building a special altar for Mabon this year? Something to bring home the changing seasons? If you are lucky enough to live in a rural area or to have a big and well planted backyard, you can probably find enough variety to make a pretty altar very easily. If not, make it a point to stop at a park a couple of time over the next week (Mabon is the 22nd) and do a little scavenger hunting.

You could start your altar with a couple of candles and add a fall leaf or two, an acorn or pinecone, a feather, a bit of a stone, some dried flowers, a stalk of grass or other grain gone to seed. If a shopping trip is in order, some small gourds are nice. Ribbons in colors to express a specific intent are always a good addition to an altar.

My permanent small alter is a smoked glass plate with a small patchouli candle for the God and a small pear scented candle for the Goddess and a small talisman or two. I add other things as the season or my mood dictates. I plan to add a red maple leaf, a pinecone, a nice feather if I can find one and some dried wild flowers.

I am going to have a ritual involving the Elements and the seasons ready for you on Mabon.

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