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Tuesday, September 23, 2008


Previously I gave a short overall view of the Elements, mainly my own personal experiences and views (9/5). Now I am going to dig up as much info as I can on each individual Element and then tie things together again.


Air is analytical, creative, free, unemotional. Air requires freedom of expression.
The following are associated with Air.
  • direction: east
  • color: yellow
  • tool: wand
  • zodiac signs: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • tarot suite: swords
  • archangel Michael
  • time: dawn
  • place: mountain tops
  • feathers
  • incense: frankincense, myrrh, flower scents
  • tarot suite: swords
  • divination
  • visualization
  • intellect
  • creativity
  • psychic abilities
  • spring
  • projective energy
  • fragrant flowers and herbs
  • aspen tree
  • music, flutes
  • sound of all kinds
  • flight
  • birds, flying insects, spiders
  • faeries, sylphs and zephyers
  • mica
  • topaz
  • copper

charging spell for wind chimes...

wind chimes

spell rhymes

spell chimes

wind rhymes.

Air primes

spell chimes

nine times


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