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In an effort to get this blog back on track I have simplified it, deleted some of the attached one-topic blogs
and focused on Sabbats and Esbats, which was the original intent.
Other writings will be in 'stumbling upon the path of the goddess'
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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

the next Full Moon...

The next full moon is coming up fast, September 15. It is the Harvest Moon also known as the Hunter's Moon.
This is a time of abundance and balance. The autumn equinox (Mabon) is later this month, light and dark are in perfect balance.
It is time to balance your own life, remove clutter and be more receptive to the abundance around you. The energy of the Harvest Moon can help you with this now.


  1. Hi.. I came across your blog by way of BBW..
    I'm adding you to my blog list.. Hope that's ok :)



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