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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Waning Gibbous Moon... the current phase of the moon.

The complete cycle of the moon is new to full to new. It takes approximately 29 days to complete a cycle. The quarter markers are the half moons, one waning or decreasing and one waxing or increasing. I think the waning or waxing moons are most dramatic when they are crescents at about 25% of full. Tomorrow the moon will be approximately 75% visible.

The waning moon, as the appearance of the moon shrinks, is traditionally the time to concentrate on what you want to lose, get rid of, banish from your life.
Early morning before the moon sets is a good time for spellwork.

If you are a gardener, the waning moons in the fall are a good time for pruning and cleaning up in preparation for winter.
Use the energy of the waning moon and get rid of that clutter that you are tired of looking at. It will leave more easily right now.

This should be an energizing time, getting rid of the unwanted will leave you open to new things to come into your life during the waxing phase.

The very little crystal magick that I do, I do during the waning moon. Many crystals repel, protect or guard. It seems natural to make use of them to send unwanted feelings, clutter or pounds away.

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  1. Blessed be.
    I really enjoy reading your topics about the moon phases. It is very enlightening and interesting.

    I look forward to reading new articles on your page.

    Have a great week.



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