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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Moon

What exactly is the new moon? For a clear and simple explanation, we go to and there we find.....

A common misconception about the moon is that a new moon occurs when the Earth blocks light from the sun, casting the moon into shadow. In fact, during a new moon the moon is between the sun and the Earth. Imagine that you're in a room that has only one light source shining into it from one side. Someone walks between you and the light source. You wouldn't be able to make out any details, but you could see the person in silhouette. That's exactly what a new moon is.

The New Moon or Dark Moon is the end and the beginning of the lunar cycle.

Rituals about forgiveness are performed during the New Moon. It is also a good time for scrying, especially if you are looking for long held secrets or you need new information about something in order to move forward in your life.

New Moon water to be used later for banishing spells can be made now. Put water into a glass jar, add a piece of black onyx, put the cap on and put the water outside during the New Moon. This is actually best done for three days, starting two days before the New Moon, so I'm afraid that I did not give you any advance notice about that one. Try it next month.

But here is a tip on time. Prosperity spells are best started the day after the New Moon. If you need to do one of these, plan for it today and do it tomorrow.

I don't have any special rituals that I perform during the New Moon, but since I was a small child I liked to go outside on a clear night and watch for the hazy glow around the edge of the Dark Moon. It is quite lovely.

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