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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

book review coming up....

I have decided to do some book reviews. I have to do research to expand my knowledge in order to write this blog. I had planned to go back thru my favorite books and I have a list that I haven't read but planned to as this goes along. I might as well offer a review as I do this. This will be off and on as the blog continues.
Anyone who has a favorite - or least favorite - book that they would like to see a review on, please email me at
Obviously this limited to books that are neo-Pagan in nature.
If you want to include your own review I can use it, or at least part of it, along with my own. Please make it clear in your email if you want your comments included in the blog or not.
I think I am going to start with a fun book rather than a heavy serious one.

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