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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A little bit about me and this blog...

Like many Wiccans I was raised Catholic and was very devout as a child. As I got older I realized that I was drawn to the rituals but not to the substance of Catholicism. I think many my age can relate to the awesome rituals of Latin Mass, Gregorian Chants, candles and incense and question and response.
Some of that may account for the initial fascination with Wicca, which also embraces ritual.

But on a deeper and more important level, earth based religion has always drawn me.
The concept that the divine is everywhere, eternal and nurturing, resonates with me.

The angry, punitive god of so many faiths lost his ability to intimidate me at a very early age. I rejected even the idea of the existence of that god.

The path of the Goddess and the God, a path of peace and connection with the earth and acknowledging the value of all living things and living in awareness of natural cycles strikes me as a good thing on a very intuitive level.
And the lack of a central organization, no clergy to tell me what to do and when and how....that puts the responsibility for searching, learning and connecting with the divine right on my own shoulders.

On the other hand, because I believe that the divine is everywhere and reveals itself to us in many ways, I believe that there are many spiritual paths and it is important to walk the one you choose in honesty, trying to better yourself and not dominate others.

OK, so that is my philosophical point of view. Now to the reason for this blog.

Ever since I began seriously studying Wicca I have been fascinated by all of the natural cycles of the earth and how they relate to Wicca. But I keep getting side tracked and NOT keeping up with all the changes. A wonderful ritual planned for the full moon goes undone because the full moon just zipped right by. A spell for focusing energy on losing weight, which need to be done during the waning moon as that is the time of the month to get rid of things.....I keep remembering it during the waxing moon.

So, in my research for this blog, I hope to make myself more aware of what is coming up next, in time to celebrate it....rather than watching what just went zooming by without even a nod.

Wheel of the Year or not....we all live in a busy, fast paced, hectic society. I am going to try to slow my mind down enough to acknowledge and enjoy the passing of the seasons of this year.

Today we are nearing the first quarter of a waxing moon. The next full moon and a lunar eclipse is on Saturday August 16. The waxing moon is the time to focus on what you want to add to your life. Now is the time to petition the Goddess for good health or ask the Elements to help you be strong in your focus on getting that new job. It is the active cycle of the moon.

Coming up next...magic or magick?

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