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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

...fluffy bunny...a mini rant

No, not you, Bunny.

There seems to be a lot of talk on the internet and the podcasts about Fluffy Bunnies, most of it pretty derogatory. So I went looking to see if I could find a consensus of exactly what a Fluffy Bunny is. I found everything from 'someone who puts on the facade of Pagan because it is a cool thing to do' to a couple of detailed lists of characteristics that would include just about anyone, including Starhawk. According to some of our less forgiving brethren, the one thing required to be a 'real' Pagan is to have your sense of humor surgically removed.

I do get it. There is some very legitimate frustration with some real whack jobs putting themselves out there and in the face of anyone who unwittingly happens by and preaching Paganism. People who don't have a clue. People who talk about White Magic. People who rant about the Wiccans burned at the stake in Salem. (That sentence has so many things wrong with it, it should self-ignite.)
People who talk about following the light. (please do!)

But I honestly have to observe that this is not limited to Paganism. It's just more embarrassing when it's your turn.
Do you think that the average Lutheran, Catholic, Baptist, Evangelical Christian etc., etc. is proud to be associated with the unwashed, gospel carrying preacher on a literal soapbox in the middle of traffic? ...until the cops come and remove him.
How about the "good Christian" in the next cubicle who wears Jesus on her clothing, jewelry, hair, sleeve and computer and will hand you a Bible if you so much as slow down when you are talking work. If you were Christian, would you want to be identified with her?
And let's not even start with Islam and stereotypes.

When I meet some 14 year old Goth, dressed head to toe in black, complete with BIG inverted pentacle, who announces to everyone within hearing that she is Wiccan and worships the devil....I kind of want to slap her. Until I remember that she is just trying to get a reaction out of adults, probably her parents. I have to feel sorry for someone who has to go that far to get the attention of her parents.....all I had to do was be 10 minutes late.

She doesn't have anything to do with Paganism and nearly anyone who meets her knows that. The ones that will take that kind of kid and twist them to prove that Evil Exists In The World, are kind of twisted themselves and don't deserve any attention from rational adults.

And as for the sweetness and light version of Fluffy Bunnies, they don't have anything to do with Paganism or Wicca as I know it either, but what harm are they doing?
My Pagan beliefs have brought me great joy and if you ask I will tell you that. I think I am a happier person and it shows. I am also very aware of the responsibilities and the darker side of calling on Deities and Elements and inviting them into a sphere of sacred space.

Maybe the Fluffy Bunnies aren't ready for that knowledge. MAYBE no one has ever offered them that knowledge. Maybe they just picked up the wrong book when they went looking and found out they could be a priestess in 10 Easy Steps and didn't really want to know any more because they weren't really looking for a spiritual path, they were looking for something to make them feel good for a little while. (Or a reason to wear a really cool black outfit.)

A few of the truths of Paganism that attracted me are.....
*The Path is mine, to discover, to choose, to follow. No one to lead me unless I ask, no one proselytizing (please!!!), the responsibility is ultimately mine.
*Non-judgemental. I know what I believe, you don't have to and while I may not get, on any level, what you believe's your path, not mine.
*The Deities reveal themselves to different people, in different ways, at different times and different speeds. Who are YOU to judge how the Deities choose to behave? Maybe that Fluffy Bunny needs a very long taxi strip to get ready for real flight.

So the next time you meet a Fluffy Bunny think about trying to
*ignore them
*engage them in conversation and find out if they are sincere and ignorant or just airheads
*if they are sincere, point them at some good books, a legitimate meeting place etc.

I think it is unbecoming of Pagans in general to treat Fluffy Bunnies like this...


  1. Well said! I was attracted to Paganism for much of the same reasons you were. Unfortunately, people don't always practice what they preach. It never made sense to me that someone would want to pursue a spirituality that allowed them the freedom to be what they felt was right, but still put down others for what they believed. If you are free to choose your path, why would others not be free to choose theirs? (Assuming, of course, they aren't choosing Paganism as a means to prey on others, and are choosing Paganism as a spiritual path).

    The one thing I keep reminding myself when I feel I am getting judgemental of others, or are seeing others being judgemental is that people should accept others simply for who they are, not for who we we want them to be.

  2. Hi Celestite, I am having trouble subscribing to the blog. When I click the drop-down menu s of the subcribe buttons on the bottom right of your page, that pet thing you have gets in the way so I can't click on my rss feed choice. Just thought I'd let you know as others may have the same problem!

    Blessed be




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