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Sunday, April 11, 2010

Witch's Ladder part 2

Here is more on the Witch's Ladder.
Remember when you are making one, it is the intent that counts. This is not an arts and crafts fair and you will not be graded on the finished product, which will probably turn out better than you thought anyway. When I was working on mine the horsehair was winning a battle with the yarn and twisting this way and that. I was very frustrated but tried to focus on the intent behind everything that I braided into or added to the string. I was quite pleased with the finished product, it had taken on a life of its on, did not look like I had planned and worked just fine.
My witch's ladder is in the previous post (a few days ago). The one pictured here is from Ann Moura's website and *sigh* it does look quite beautiful, doesn't it?

Ok, enough of that. Here is a wonderful witch's ladder to make with/for a child who is having nightmares. This witch's ladder will act like a dreamcatcher. If the child is old enough, have them make it with you. (PS.. it will also work for an adult) There is a longer version that I will be posting on A Borrowed Book of Charms.

You will need:
18 inches of three different colored ribbons/string/yarn
blue or indigo for restful sleep
silver for dreams
black to repel negativity

Tie your first knot and begin to braid.
'Nightmares, monsters
All scary things
I'm no longer afraid
Protected by these strings.'

Braid three inches and tie another knot.
'There is nothing there in the dark
That isn't there in the light
Even when the sun is gone
My heart has perfect sight.'

Braid three inches and tie another knot.
'The moon is out my window
Shining down with love
Protecting me at night
Til the sun rises above.'

Braid three inches and tie another knot.
'Closet doors are closed
Nothings under the bed
Now it's time to sleep
And rest my tired head.'

Braid three inches and tie the last knot.
'No nightmares, no monsters
Not one scary thing
I'm excited about tomorrow
And the fun that it will bring.'

You can add small bells or tiny mirrors to the knots for additional protection. You can anoint your knots with oils if you like. Hang it above the child's bed or drape it over a headboard, where the child can see it every night.

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