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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

April Full Moon, Seed Moon

Fertility is in the air.  This is the time for planting.  Planting seeds.  Seeds of plants, projects and magick.  Do some magick for new beginnings.  Plant some magickal plants in your garden for your magickal needs all year long.   If you have been making plans, time to stop planning and start planting.  Get started.  Bring new things into your life to grow now. 
I have containers for a container vegetable garden ready to go and I will be planting seeds at the Full Moon.  And I am doing some herbal magick for my business to grow.   I will put the spell I am using up on Borrowed Book of Charms tonight.

Full Moon is April 28 at 8:18am EDT more astrological information found here.

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