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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Facebook and Networked Blogs - Oops, Never Mind!

Sorry about that! Pagan Tapestry was a member of Networked blogs for about 20 hours.
I joined Networked Blogs to promote a work site and then I saw that there were some pagan blogs that I followed that were members so I signed up this blog.
But the business blog got screwed up by that network. I had it set up so that I could put an entry on the website blog, it would feed to my Facebook business page, go out to my friends and then feed on to Twitter and go out there. All automatic.
So today I wrote a piece on the website and it went nowhere, not to Facebook and not to Twitter. Tracking the problem I found that Networked Blogs was BLOCKING it from feeding anywhere except to THEIR page and if I wanted it to go to my friends, post on my FB business page or go to Twitter, they wanted me to PAY THEM for free feeds that I had already set up. So I deleted everything and blocked them.
Be warned if you ever want to use them for anything like can do it yourself with help from FB and Twitter for free.
So, since I blocked them this blog is gone too....sorry about that!


  1. I've missed your posts! I hope all is well.

  2. Hello! Thank you. Everything is fine. I have been working double time at getting my PR business back up and running. I spend a lot of time writing blog posts in my head, but then run out of time to get them posted. I miss blogging too, hooking up with the networked blogs made me realize that it has been a while since I just sat down with a cup of coffee and checked out all my favorite blogs.
    Priority for this week is to get back to this, it is part of my practice and I need it. :-)



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