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Friday, April 30, 2010


Edinburgh is expecting 12,000 people to show up to celebrate the fire festival there.  I would love to see that.

Beltane is the ultimate fire festival.  The third of three spring fertility festivals and named in honor of fire, Bel, itself.  It has long been celebrated in northern Europe and is one festival that the Church was hard pressed to attempt to co-opt.  The maypole beat out the crucifixion as a way of celebrating spring, hands down.

There is no wrong way to celebrate Beltane.  Chances are there is a fire festival, Maypole dance or a drum circle near where you live.  If not, and you don't want to start your own (those pesky neighbors again), simply do something outside.  Walk, run, plant something, feel the sun on your skin.  Light an orange or red candle, ask the Element of Fire to enter your life with it's passion and creativity.  Honor whatever Sun God you converse with.  This is the wild, passionate, masculine energy to balance the gentle, coaxing spring energy of Ostara.  I'm not normally much on duality and balancing energies, but this is the obvious exception.
Happy Beltane!


  1. Happy!
    In my area it's call Night of Veles. It is night, when gate in Nav'(The Ancestors world) are open. Today Belobog(White God) return in our world.
    Tonight we can meet Ancestor. I will go to burn down fire and meet with Ancestors.

    Sorry for poor English:)

    Happy Beltane!

  2. are from Bulgaria? thanks for visiting and have a great meeting with the ancestors!

  3. No, I'm from Russia. We remember precepts of ancestors too.

  4. lol, I asked google translator to look at your site and it told me it was written in Bulgarian.....that's what I get for believing a computer! Have a great ancestor day! Do you also have a special day to honor your ancestors in the late fall? The Celtic Samhein is an ancestor's day....also called Halloween. Or do you do something else at that time?

  5. Yes, it is autumn celebration. It call Autumn Dedi(Grandfathers). We see off spirit of an ancestors in Irii, our slavonic paradise. It is celebrated 22 of the october.



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