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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Samhain is approaching

In my personal practice I tend to focus primarily on the major Sabbats. There is a primal response and at the same time a mystical quality to the shifts of the balance of this planet at time of the equinox and solstice.

But the cross quarter celebrations are also important. They are known as the Fire Festivals and are intended to be just that...festivals.

So I suggest that you think of this approaching Samhein in that way...a Fire Festival. Plan accordingly. Contrary to some things that you will read...try NOT sitting around in meditation and attempting to commune with the ancestors. Instead, invite them to a party. Cast a strong circle, call the Elements for protection, call dark goddesses to open the veil, sing, dance, turn the music up loud, light candles, burn a fire if possible, dance and dance some more. Call the ancestors to join you and celebrate the last of the three harvest festivals.


  1. What a lovely idea, though a cauldron will have to do instead of a fire hehe

    How are you? x

  2. A cauldron is a great idea. Unfortunately, we can't just go building bonfires anywhere we please, darn it.
    I've been fine, not blogging as much as I would like...busy busy. and you?

  3. I'm always up for a party! Dragging out the fire bowl...

  4. I have to steal your great pumpkin photo for my blog. Love your blog. Fergie

  5. be my guest....I ripped it off google

  6. Heathenry (or my tradition of it) doesn't recognize Samhain as a holiday. I do find the timing this year quite auspicious, though. Your holiday, the full moon, then the Day of the Dead. A lot happening right around there ... it will be interesting to watch the energy shifts. :)

  7. Sounds perfect! Bring on the fire pit! :)




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