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Thursday, October 8, 2009

NASA will bomb the Moon 10/09/09

More info here

I have always been a sci-fi fan. I think exploring the galaxy is our destiny. I wish we had a less destructive mentality about it.


  1. No one is destroying the moon. The impact will be less than all the other asteroids that crash into it.

    Spend a bit more time with the science and a bit less with fiction when you evaluate a story like this.

  2. I did not say anyone was destroying the moon. I commented on our (humankind) destructive mindset. The headline is being used even in Scientific American, I didn't create it. I assume it is supposed to sound exciting to get people to read about it. It is an aggressive way of looking at what should be exploration. It is also an extremely expensive way to 'possibly' determine that there is water on the moon. And then what? And where did it come from, the moon itself, a passing comet? I think it is a silly waste of time and energy and points out that we have a sledge hammer approach even to our science.

  3. Perhaps the money used for this and other space explorations would have been put to better use sorting out the state of our planet and feeding the millions of people who are starving worldwide.

  4. Anonymous, that is an argument that has been used against the space program from the beginning, it is probably a valid one.
    But I am on the side of those who want to explore. I just don't think lobbing a rocket at something constitutes 'exploring.'

  5. I agree with you Celestite.


  6. They are just trying to sell more newspapers. "NASA to send probe to the moon" isn't nearly as exciting.
    That being said, humans are very destructive, and, well, I think the people running the experiments are almost fulfilling a childhood dream of blowing something up on the moon. Even I have to admit, that is pretty cool sounding.



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