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Saturday, November 8, 2008

Solitary or group practice?

Overall I am content with my solitary practice.

Good thing because I don't seem to be likely to find a compatible group. I fill my need for social contact and group think with groups that are not based on spiritual practice. But sometimes I make a tentative attempt to reach out to the pagan community in the flesh instead of in cyberspace.

Each time has been an enormous failure. Several years ago I went to a few meetings of pagans. I found notices posted in neighborhood bookstores and the locations were in the same neighborhood, seemed like a good start. I mostly found people who thought they were there for a casting call for Harry Potter.

That cured me of that for a while.

This week I went to a meeting of pagans at a pagan bookstore. I have to go on a tangent here...I did not know this bookstore existed and it is a delightful little place with coffee, books, crafts and wi-fi. A great place to spend some time.

The group however, was to say the very least, disappointing. I was greeted warmly, got some coffee and sat down. The leader of the group, an outgoing young lady with a small child, started the discussion. It was supposed to be about wealth and prosperity.

The only group discussion was some heartfelt agreement that wealth was bad and prosperity was good. The idea was that the two are incompatible. There was a short lived contest I will call Poor Pagan during which each attempted to show the others how poor they were.

Then the 'discussion' moved on to the prosperity part and we were treated to over an hour of the leader of the group talking about how prosperous she was. I found out more about her love life, finances and plans for the future than I know about some of my friends. Everyone else nodded along and seemed content to listen and say nothing. I remarked that wealth and prosperity were not mutually exclusive. That was greeted with silence and blank stares so I shut up.

A few minutes later the discourse on prosperity was interrupted by a rousing game of Show Off Your Tattoos, which involved removing some clothing. I don't have any tattoos so I kept my clothes on. Then one of the group announced that people who claimed to be pagan but did not have tattoos and piercings were obviously trying to fool others and not really pagan. This was met by some agreement all around.

Back to more of the ramblings about the prosperity of the group leader. Her child was repeatedly climbing over me, stepping on my feet and wiping Baklava on my jeans and I decided that it was time to go.

I chatted with the shop owner about how good the coffee was, waved a goodbye at the group and escaped. They seemed as relieved to see me go as I was to leave.

Not what I am looking for. Solitary looks really really really good right now.


  1. i just happened upon your blog, and i really enjoy reading it..

    i feel your pain on not really finding a group to really talk with...not that share the same feelings as i do...i have yet to find my place to fit...but until then, i enjoy my solitary efforts!

    good luck..

  2. Thank you and I hope you come back again.

  3. Dear Celestite, I have been interested in finding a local group myself. Because I work at home I am very solitary, which is hard because by nature I am a social butterfly. However, after reading this post I think I'll stick to my solitary practice.

    The one group I know about here sounds a lot like the one you ended up at. There are about 40 members but they're all really young and not really looking for more experienced members but just members in general. At least we have the internet!

    Love always!

  4. I can really sympathise with you. I have tried moots, groves and blots (Norse meet-ups)and things like WitchyCon and DruidCon but I always come away feeling that I have little in common with the people who attend and that I am at some pagan version of a Star Trek convention (which is why I think they insist on calling them "Cons", in addition to trying to wring more cash out of you!).
    I have only made one real dear friend at any of these and we work exclusively as a pair now.

  5. You probably are where you should be, as far as remaining solitary, as I feel I am. I've experienced the same - everytime I try to reach out to some sort of group, there's the negative vibe thing going on, and a LOUD voice in my head screaming to RUN FOR THE HILLS! Internet groups seem to follow suit also; who has the best page with most friends, etc. No real information sharing going on. Beware of these internet sites; I had someone trying to hack into my computer while on Pagannet. I remain, Solitary~ Brightest Blessings

  6. I found your blog through my buddy Jules blog....

    How awful for you, and the tattoo thing, WOW, I'm speechless about that.

    I am very happy with my solitary path. I like talking with other pagans, but as far as finding a group, I haven't even looked, and don't care to actually. That tattoo comment is one reason why I wouldn't even want to try.

  7. I have to be honest I have never gone to a group of like minded or pagans yet (though I am on a waiting list for one next year, as they have already started this year)
    I have only been to festivals of these sorts and enjoyed the talks and stalls but I never really intereact with others because of its setting I guess.

    Anyway, it just made me chuckle because first off whats with poor pagan? (brilliant title tho). If it pains you terribly people work magic to improve it. *sigh* You are after allowed to bring prosperity and wealth to you. I mean I have never heard of anything so silly. How are they possibly seperate from one another...? I mean hello its in the name.
    Also tat's and peircings are a personal choice and always have been. I mean before the Chinese brought it into Europe ect it was mostly henna and painting the body with natural earth based paints.
    As if that will make you more 'Wiccan..'

    I'm glad you posted about this experience and having been a long term solitary. I think I will just stick to the festivals and see what the future brings for the group I'm looking to go to.
    Good luck in you search for Like minded individuals and not the ones that feel they need the grouping.

    Bright blessings. x

  8. Methinks I see 7 like-minded individuals here? If we want to "group", why don't we start one? I'm sure we could set up a forum.

  9. how about a blog page with permission for everyone to post?
    That way we could post quotes, pictures, videos, links etc easier.
    I'll set one up if anyone is interested...we need name...and a list of who wants to participate.

  10. I'm up for a blog tribe! Let me know if you need any asistance Cel :)

    Names -

    "Coven Aunts"
    "Get Into The Grove"
    "Solitary Together"
    "The Poor Pagans"



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