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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

new moon on Thanksgiving Day

"This is the Moon of my Lady as Crone, Lady of Darkness, of Wisdom, of Mysteries revealed. The Wheel turns through birth, death and rebirth and every end is a new beginning." Ann Moura

The New Moon can be as powerful as the Full Moon. Rites, rituals and magick that center around new beginnings, new projects, a new phase in your life are powerful now. Welcome a new Goddess or spirit or other entity into your life. Make positive changes now. This is the time for opening yourself to the new.

Light a yellow candle and thank the Element of Air for a new intellectual pursuit, a red candle and thank the Element of Fire for a new passion, a blue candle and thank the Element of Water for new emotions and a brown patchouli candle for celebrating the season of the earth and giving thanks to the Gods and Goddess and the Element of Earth.

The new moon is on Thursday, November 27 at 11:54 am EST.

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  1. A very beautiful and useful ceremony for Our Mother Moon. Thank you for sharing your wisdom!



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