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Sunday, November 2, 2008

New TV series. Magic, anyone?

There is a new fantasy TV series that started the season last night. Legend of the Seeker.

The two hour pilot had some rough spots. Most fantasy or sci-fi series have some glitches trying to set the background and environment for a complicated story. This one was no different.

Many of the critics are trashing it. I find that TV critics tend to hate anything that makes you think a little or follow a story line. They love 'reality' TV and game shows.

I rarely watch TV anymore, it is so mind numbing. I can count on one hand the shows that I watch regularly.

I am always willing to give a fantasy or sci fi series a chance and see what happens.

This one has villains, heroes, wizards, witches, magic, an enchanted sword, a destroyed Book of Shadows (damn!), horses, monsters, scenery and a story.
What more could you ask for?

I am hoping that it lasts long enough to smooth the rough spots and get going. I could use a heroic epic complete with magic on some upcoming winter evenings.

Here is the official site: Legend of the Seeker


  1. Looks interesting! No big stars but then often that's a good thing. Remember that Firefly and the Dresden Files did lousy on TV but well on DVD.
    Like you, I hardly watch any TV anymore and refuse to get digital/ cable, so even if it was shown here, it would probably be on Sky or the Sci-Fi channel, so I would never see it.

  2. jule, check out the website. It is showing here on a local channel, not cable or one of the big 3.



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