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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

the dreaded podfade

A conversation with another blogger about
podcasts reminded me that I need to update my own list here at A Pagan Tapestry.

One podcast that I listen to that I somehow left off of my list is The Crooked Path. I corrected that and Peter is now on the list.

But I am sad to note the number of podcasts that I have listened to and enjoyed that seem to be fading away. deo's shadow is no more. I have downloaded and burned his show to disk, it was that good.

Some others that seem to be fading away are The Broom Closet, last heard in July 08, hopefully to return, she did leave a message on her blog that she plans to come back.
The Forest at Night last heard in Feb 08.
Modern Musings of a Cultured Barbarian last heard in April 08
Pagan Wisdom last heard in Oct 07
Witch in the City last heard in May 08
The Gods Must be Crazy, after a good first show in Aug 08, never heard again.

These are just the ones that are still in my ipod, I am sure there are others.
This is a talented bunch of people, we miss hearing your voices. I hope that everything is well and just a busy and full life got in the way.

There is hope. Fey, of The Dark Side of Fey, took a long break and came back energized and with a better than ever show. I hope some of our other missing pagan podcasters do the same.

The Pagan Podcasters were my very first experience with other live pagans.
Up until then I had only the books to tell me that there were others with my beliefs. The pagan podcasters inspired me to reach out, contact other pagans and even to give this blog a try.

If you listen to pagan podcast shows, let them know that you appreciate them. Send them an email or vote on podcast alley. And if you don't listen to pagan podcast shows...why in the world not? You are missing out!

Help stamp out the dreaded podfade!


  1. Thanks for reminding me; after I read your post, I immediately went to Jason Pitzl-Waters site and downloaded the podcast. Its so easy to forget to support Pagan artists, magazines, music, but these are fundamental to our continence as a culture and community. I'll be making the rounds tonight. Thank you again!

  2. You're welcome and I have been meaning to thank you for suggesting that I check out SJ Tucker. I now own a couple of her CDs.

  3. Right on! Tucker is a brilliant musician, I can't wait for her next tour.
    Oops, and the above comment was supposed to be continuance as a culture, not continence. I'm sure the community can hold their bladder quite well, as a matter of fact ;P My spell checker or brain was turned off, lol

  4. Thanks for the plug, Celestite! I almost did podfade, but you know? The Gods wouldn't hear of it, and I'm very glad. :)



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