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Friday, July 23, 2010


The Full Moon is coming up this weekend. Do you have any tools, cards, etc that you would like to smudge in time for ritual, but it takes forever to cleanse tools properly in the smoke of an incense burner?
Here is a way to do it fast and create a lot of smoke, so either do it outside or throw open the windows and doors.

Take a large flower pot, the big terracotta pots or something that shape works the best and a small baker's cooling rack.  If there are holes in the bottom of the pot, cover them securely. Place a layer an inch or two deep of sand or fine gravel, like aquarium gravel, in the bottom. Place your incense charcoal in the bottom and light. Add your smudging incense or herbs. I like sage, not everybody likes the smell. Sandalwood is another good cleansing incense. Place the cooling rack on the top of the pot. Lay your tools or cards on the rack. The smoke will swirl deep in the pot and come out in a large cloud instead of a drifting spiral and it will fill the opening, covering whatever is on the rack.


  1. This method of smudging has never occured to me, and I can't believe it hasn't. It's one of those simple-but-brilliant ideas that leave me smacking my own forehead and saying "duh!" Will be trying it very soon, thank you.

  2. Hehe, I use an old copper cauldron if I want to use lose incense. Just put it on a wooden board (it's got tiny feet, but they get quite hot), put some sand inside... - who said the cauldron was for water only? (^v^)



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