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Monday, July 12, 2010

any energy to spare?

Send some good energy and do a little magick for me, would ya?

Here is the scenario, as short as I can make it.
A couple of years ago I started doing PR in the Horse Industry.  I am a competitor and instructor and I loved learning how to do this.  Made a fair living working for a marketing company.
A year and a half ago I quit to take care of my mother who had terminal cancer and passed away in December.  Since then I have been working part time and trying to get a PR business of my own up and running.  Part time with a long commute still eats up the day and I am sooooo unmotivated to work on this in the evening.
Fast forward to present.
I have my website up and looking as good as I can make it right now, I could dither and tweak it forever, but that doesn't help.
I have collected a list of companies that fit what I do and how I like to work.
Here is the kicker:
I took off a week (unpaid) from the part time job to jump start this endeavor.  I want at least 2 new clients by the end of the week.
And I hate this part.  I love doing the work and dealing with the clients and the media, but I hate selling myself to prospective clients.  I can find many many many reasons for procrastinating.
I am doing magick, I have a schedule that I have managed to stick to for, oh, half of the day, with progress on the other half.
If you have any energy to spare, even in the form of a kick in the pants it would be appreciated.
And if you have a little magick to send my way I would be eternally grateful.


  1. I wish for you the energy of the Magician (whose supreme skills manifest dreams into reality) and the energy of the Chariot (whose single-minded drive leads to worldly success). Be it so!

  2. universal energy is there for you unconditionaly with love and light

  3. Shamanic healing focuses on energetic and emotional "spring cleaning" and then on bringing a person back to wholeness. We often travel through life dragging all our emotional baggage with us, but this is not necessary! We can leave it all behind us and move forward into a life of happiness and freedom, and liberate ourselves from our past through Shamanic healing.
    Shamanic Healing

  4. In the words of my beloved 'mad' auntie - 'just get on with it!'

    Best wishes from J.



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