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Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Scarlet Witch is doing a give-away!

spread the word...

GIVE-AWAY! In the spirit of Samhain, The Scarlet Witch is doing a giveaway. Search The Scarlet Witch website at and solve the riddle. Find the common name AND the folk name for this herb. We will do a drawing of all correct entries and six lucky people will receive an ounce of this magickal herb. Here is your clue:.....

"Its cry is fatal to all that hear.
But it's a gift to a teacher a child holds dear.
The devil you say you don't believe.
But just ask Adam what he got from Eve."

Send your answer to journey@thescarletwitch and include a mailing address before midnight on November 9. We will announce the winners here and on The Scarlet Witch Facebook Page on November 10.

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