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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

podcasts? a rant, be warned....

If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know that I regularly cruise around looking for and checking out new pagan podcasts. I love the pagan podcasts, such great thoughts, entertaining stories and good music. My current favorite is Witchtalk for the GREAT interviews with well known pagan authors and activists. Ariel is still my all time favorite, his stuff goes on disk so I don't ever lose it. Darkly Fey has switched to the light side with her new Spirits Cast. Mojo and Sparrow, of course, Tommy Elf, Odin, Greywolf and many many more who produce these wonderful podcasts and offer great insight and personal experience.

You know what all the good ones have in common? THEY HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY.
While I love the fact that there are so many podcasts to chose from, we seem to be missing something lately.....namely, something to say!!

I just finished listening to 6, count em...SIX, new podcasts that have more than one episode out and shall remain nameless.
Here comes the nasty ole witch in me, but I just can't help it.....

A message to some wannabe podcasters....

That funny name we use for Halloween is not English, it is a Gaelic term for end of summer and it has a funny is NOT sam-hane. Look it up, even wikipedia can get it right.

All pagans are not Wiccans.

All pagans are not dualists.

All pagans do not follow the Rede. (and by the way that overused quote is only one line out of a very long and thought provoking piece of writing)

Bashing Christians should be left to those with the wit and style to do it gracefully. A description of giving the bird to an elderly family member who is Christian does not make me like you.

If you can talk for two minutes and say nothing but....hmmmm, ummmm, ya know, like, whatever and f--k, without any thought whatsoever mixed in there, you may win some sort of award but it won't be for broadcasting.

Yelling and cursing repeatedly reminds me of being in junior high and hiding behind the gym to smoke and bitch....not a great endorsement for a podcast.

Announcing that you are eager to teach me how to be a pagan left me spitting coffee on the computer, but otherwise was not impressive.
I appreciate that you are eager to make a contribution to the community but there is a time to learn and a time to teach.
Try being quiet and listening for now.

So for now I have no new podcasts to add to the list. If you haven't checked out the podcast list, it is on the right hand column. Not all of those listed are on my ipod, not all are personal favorites but all have something to say.

Now I think I will go listen to Druidcast.


  1. I have noticed a bit of what you are saying myself. I've gotten rid of several podcasts for pretty much this reason. I've been mulling over making a podcast myself but am rather nervous because I am worried that I will come off as having little to say. I may call on you for input when I finally get up the cojones (sp) to do it. lol.

  2. no input from me! lol I would be a one shot wonder myself. If you have a point of view to share...go for it.
    I think we are suffering from an influx of young pagans who view some of the well known podcasters as some sort of celebrity and want to join them. They would be better served to view them as Elders and take time to learn from them.

  3. lol, scary to think that I could be seen as an Elder but I guess after all these years and all the study I may qualify. And I agree, they do seem to have gained a celebrity status and especially with younger Pagans. The good ones aren't in it for that and the difference can be seen in their podcasts. I suppose there is a certain glamour for the younger crowd that makes them want to join the ranks of the Podkin even when they don't really have anything to share. Not always the case but it is enough of the time.

  4. Yeah, I used to get all worked up too about the ham-fisted English phonetic pronunciation of Celtic terms like Samhain and Beltane, etc. But it's like banging your head against the proverbial brick wall. So now I've just completely given up trying to educate anyone on that topic. Besides, I've been known to mispronounce a Celtic term or name myself on occasion (blush)!

  5. I wouldn't care except that this was part of a 'how-to' class....*insert roll-eyes here*

  6. There are those who choose the Pagan path for spirituality and study accordinly.
    There are those who choose the Pagan path for spirituality and Magick and study accordinly.
    There are those who choose the Pagan path for idenity and skip the study all together or study just enough to converse.

  7. Eeek!
    Don't you just love how they became pagan 5 seconds ago and already think they have the knowledge and wit to host a podcast?





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