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Friday, July 17, 2009

podcasting....the good, the bad and .....

Every so often I do a search of iTunes, podcast alley and other sources looking for new pagan podcasts. I nearly always find some, they are nearly always good.

Well, the bad news is, I have to wonder if we are reaching a saturation point. We have lost some really good ones in the last few years....Deo's Shadow, Catnip Brew, The Broom fairly new one that I thought would be good has apparently gone....Foxtayle's Pagan Podcast.

It seems that for every one that goes, nowadays several more crop up in its place. Unfortunately, some of the new ones just....well......just aren't great.

I found one otherwise interesting one that explained that witchcraft is the 'left hand path.' *sigh*
I suppose that witchcraft can be the left hand path, but not necessarily and not as practiced within the structure of a spiritual practice, and not as practiced within Wicca.

One of two giggling young ladies who explained that they had nothing to say so they needed emails from fans so they would have something to talk about. Turned out to be true.

Inexplicably, a podcast that reminds me of a rolling frat party, complete with belching into the microphone carries on and on and on.

Several that are two or three people talking to each other with lots of inside jokes and tag lines to personal stories. These are mostly college kids and maybe these shows are appreciated by other college kids and that's fine, but I can't listen long enough to recommend them.

I am so glad that there are so many pagan podcasts that you have to choose, but like any commodity that is overstocked, the quality seems to diminish.

On the good side, I found one jewel of a podcast...Media Astra ac Terra.
Available on iTunes and libsyn. Great information, well thought out commentaries, no drama. This is a good podcast that I hope will continue and become a great podcast.
The show notes are here.
And the link is in the links section in the right hand column.


  1. Have you tried "The Dark Side of Fey?" Fantastic podcast! Check it out:

    Thanks for mentioning this one - I've downloaded it to my ipod to have a listen!

  2. Oh gosh - blonde moment....sorry - I found Fey in your podcast listings! Of course you would know her! Yeesh!



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