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Thursday, July 30, 2009

I got mine, so screw you....

"The New York Times and Wall Street Journal's world-wide newsbox lead with new polls that show the American public is growing increasingly concerned that an overhaul of health care would have a negative impact in their own lives. The NYT highlights that the percentage of Americans who describe health care costs as a threat to the economy has gone down in the past month, suggesting that the public isn't buying one of President Obama's central arguments for the plan. The WSJ points out that last month respondents were evenly divided on the merits of the overhaul but now support has declined, particularly among those who are already insured."

Slate Magazine

anybody placing any bets on this mess?


  1. No, no bets. I don't know how good or bad the new proposal is, But the situation can't stay as it is. My husband is director of a small non-profit construction company. The health insurance costs for each employee (the company pays them) are more than most of the employees' actual salaries. And the charges sent by doctor's offices and labs are never consistent. We both recently had bloodwork done at 2 different labs, and one lab charged $40 for one test while the other one charged $150. The insurance company is still trying to straighten that mess out.
    I'm sorry - didn't mean to get all wordy.

  2. Not too wordy. All comments and insights are welcome here.

  3. I have mixed feelings, I think its a great idea, but I fear that just the bare minimum will be covered, leaving a lot of people out unintentionally. For example, we can argue that nitrous oxide isn't medically necessary for dental procedures, but I know I couldn't get dental treatment without it, due to more than just fear.

  4. People get what they deserve, I imagine. And if people are going to buy the republican/"centrist" democrat hype about the evils of healthcare reform, then they do deserve the astronomical and bankrupting healthcare costs that they currently have, or worse. It is shocking to me just how easily these politicians/corporate whores can scare people into believing just about any piece of BS tossed their way, without even bothering to look into for themselves. The current republican/"centrist" dem line is that the elderly will be euthanised, and people believe it.

    Frankly, I am sick and tired of having to defend the idea of healthcare reform to these people.

    When did America turn into Dumfukistan?

    Sorry for the rant, I woke up with a sinus infection headache and can't go to the doctor because our copay jumped from $25 last year to 20% of the bill this year(about $85 for this particular doctor)

    ARRRRGH... I guess we really do get the government we deserve

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Dumfukistan...that's good, I like that. I have wondered the same thing myself. Has our high tolerance for high fructose corn syrup lowered our IQ?
    I saw that thing about euthanizing people and I laughed....then realized that the meth head and others were preaching this as gospel.
    *sigh* We are going to get what we deserve, dammit.



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