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Friday, March 27, 2009

New Moon, Waxing Moon

Thursday, March 26 was the New Moon. We now enter the waxing moon.
New projects, new beginnings, new hope, new rituals.
Use the energy of this moon phase to manifest what you need in your life.
Be specific, be strong.
You are a witch and a daughter or son of the Goddess, weave your magic with your will and create what you need.


  1. Beautiful sentiments. {Thank you for the phase of the moon reminder as its ebbs and flows change the way we move.}

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  2. I read recently that mankind, long ago, projected his inner psychic landscape onto the visible world. The moon then, came to represent the body, because it's light is outshone by the sun, which represents the spiritual self, and the moon seemingly fades in importance when the sun/spirit rises. But that wasn't to denigrate the Moon/body. You must have a body to grow spiritually. It is easy to do the "right thing" on the other planes of existence because, for instance, then you know you are connected to everyone, and what hurt you dish out also hurts yourself. The body is seen as feminine because it is of the earth, and so the moon is a goddess as well. She effects our bodily tides. She is our gateway into the mysteries. The waxing moon says to the inner self that we are to be illuminated through the processes of life incarnate.

  3. Thank you for this post. It is assuring to me.



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